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Shut It Down!

Since this is the second iteration of the site, I thought it might be interesting to tell the story of what happened to the first one.

I used to have a facebook page with 1k+ followers connected to a sock account. I had been building it for over a year even before I came up with the idea for Radikwear. I exclusively posted my original content and promoted my products on sites like teespring.

My posts would max out around 300 impressions, but occasionally the page got me a customer. Then suddenly a post went viral, with thousands of view and around 50 shares (can’t remember exactly). All was fine and dandy, until I one day noticed I was getting a ton of shit reviews form leftists. Looking into my DM’s, some kind soul notified me that I attracted the Eye of Sauron:

My page eventually got unpublished and I appealed by referring to the above screenshots and claiming that I was a victim of a mass reporting harassment campaign. I got my page back, but was unpunished again. I appealed again and got my page back a second time, but was then was unpunished a third time. This time, when I appealed they simply decided to suspend my account.

So far, so good. We all know what a shit show moderation on these social networks is. What happened next is more disconcerting – I got a mail from my hosting provider:

I tried asking which “official” sent the complaint and which law (in which jurisdiction) they were referring to, but never recieved an answer. My guess is that they got hit by an SJW whine storm and then decided to try and weasel their way out of the fact that their spines are made of jelly, but if there is a distinct possibility that this “official” actually exists and is connected to the hate-speech arm of an EU countrys government.

Anyways, I got a different hosting provider and rebuilt the site. No use trying to actually argue with this nonsense.

This store is intended as a learning experience as much as anything else, and I’d rather learn to deal with these kinds of things sooner than later.